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Creative Fretboard Visualization

Creative Fretboard Visualization

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Creative Fretboard Visualization - eBook

The Creative Fretboard Visualization Handbook is designed to help you visualize the  fretboard and creatively generate your own unique ideas on the guitar.   Fretboard visualization is a powerful tool for guitarists.  It provides a system for inventing materials for improvisation and composition, opening avenues for greater creativity.  

The Creative Fretboard Visualization Handbook consists of fretboard diagrams for the major, melodic minor, harmonic minor, harmonic major, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, whole-half diminished, half-whole diminished, augmented and whole tone scales. These diagrams show note locations for all scales and keys on the guitar fretboard.  Characteristic chords are listed for each scale or mode.

These diagrams will help you to visualize intervals, scale fingerings, chord shapes, intervallic ideas, and more.  With this handbook you will be able to create any possible combination of notes and expand your musical vocabulary on guitar.

Ebook -142 Pages

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